Welcome to Modern Tailor!

Family Owned Tailor and Dry Cleaning Servicing The Downtown Bethesda Maryland Area for the Last 25 Years!

25 Years+ of Business

Yes, that's right! We've been 100% family operated and in business for OVER 25 years! That means YOU can trust our service and work! We have people who travel from as far as Tysons Corner, College Park, Frederick, and even Baltimore for our services!

Custom Alterations and Custom Work

Looking for a custom job? We'll take any pair of clothes you have and transform them to fit you like it was custom fit. And if that's NOT enough for you, we'll CUSTOM MAKE clothes for you!

Our Customers are our #1!

We care and that's why we say our customers are #1! We offer FAST service but always at our BEST work. Customer satisifaction is our #1 goal. As we know.. a HAPPY customer = a returning customer!

Our Address:
4717 Hampden Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814
Call us at (301) 656- 7989

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday - CLOSED


  • I recently got some corduroy pants taken in here. They did a good job and I think they charged $13, which is reasonable for the area. I wanted to get a dress taken in, but the alterations would have required taking it in around the zipper, so they would have charged over $40. That was too much for me. Still, that was probably reasonable for what I was asking for, especially given the area. S. P., Arlington, VA

  • I'm a petite girl and it's pretty much impossible to find pants, skirts, and jackets that fit properly. I usually need to get most of my clothes tailored to fit me. After trying a couple of places, I finally found a place that I am satisfied with. They are only a block away from metro so I usually will stop by here during my lunch break. You can drive here also but just to give everyone a heads up, you do have to parallel park. They know me when I walk into the doors and provide excellent customer service. I'm really pleased with the work they have done for the for all of my clothes. Other tailors always messed up my skirts and dresses when they needed to be taken in on the sides and hemmed. But Modern Tailor knows how to tailor the clothes correctly to flatter my body shape. Like the previous reviewer mentioned, it does cost a couple bucks more, but you are in the Bethesda area. I also think that it is worth paying a couple of extra stuff if they do a good job. btw- they are huge dog lovers. I brought in my dog one day because I was in the area running errands. They let me bring her into their store and gave her a dog treat. J. C., Washington, DC

  • I always get nervous going to a new tailor with expensive jeans, but I didn't have time to fight traffic to go to my normal tailor in Tysons I, so I brought my pants here since it was within walking distance from work. I'm glad I did because this is SO much more convienent for me! They did an excellent job altering my jeans. I dropped it off on Monday and picked it up on Weds morning, so I appreciated the quick service. Most places require a week (boo..), my regular tailor would do it next day, but this place did it in 2 days and their price was cheaper than what I used to pay at my regular tailor. I'm going to go here from now on. L. L., Washington, DC

  • recently took in a new suit for alteration after my regular guy retired. they did a great job in two days. i'm happy with the work, it was a decent price (maybe a couple bucks more than some), and they've been there for like 15 years with lots of returning customers. Shawn D., Takoma Park, MD

  • Mr Kim has been around for a LONG time and he always delivers quality work for a good price! He's my reliable GO TO guy and always happy to help! Jimmy K., Marina del Rey, CA